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Zinc For The Dink!?

Zinc is a very important mineral found in food sources such as lamb, beef, shellfish, pumpkin seeds, cashews, chicken, turkey, eggs, salmon, and mushrooms. It is a fairly easy mineral to get from food but when your diet is lacking in good quality whole foods then you could be deficient in this very important mineral. Zinc will help a lot of body processes and keep things working the way they should. Here are a few reasons to keep your zinc intake at a healthy range.

Zinc is very beneficial for your immune system. Zinc mixed with an adequate dose of vitamin C is a super potent immune booster and can kick colds in the butt quickly! Also, to maintain a healthy immune system that will keep colds at bay.

Zinc is a great anti-inflammatory for the whole body. It mainly supports liver health. When supplementing with zinc it has shown a reduction in the incidence of infection and correlated with lower levels of liver damage, also reduction in inflammation in the liver.

Zinc will also affect protein synthesis in the body. It is required for the body to be able to use amino acids from foods. It’s also involved in the breakdown of carbohydrates from foods, which is one of the main sources of energy for the body. For this reason, deficiency in zinc can cause low energy levels and contribute to adrenal or chronic fatigue. Consuming enough zinc benefits ongoing energy and a healthy metabolism.

Zinc is an amazing and effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. It helps fight oxidative stress and decrease the chance for disease development, including as a natural cancer treatment. Especially in elderly patients, zinc benefits include its ability to support healthy cell division, prevent cancerous cell mutation and stunt tumour growth. When researchers from the school of medicine at the University of Michigan studied potential zinc benefits from zinc supplementation on 50 adults, they found that levels of oxidative stress markers were significantly lower in the zinc-supplemented group than in the placebo group. This would greatly benefit anyone experiencing high stress, or even low stress for that matter.

Zinc will help with muscle growth and repair. It plays a crucial role in cell division and cell growth. So, zinc benefits muscle growth and repair by making it possible for the body to heal itself and maintain strength in the muscular and skeletal systems. Zinc also helps with the release of testosterone, growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), all of which build muscle mass and feed a healthy metabolism. Zinc will benefit muscle mass because it helps increase the amount of testosterone in the body. It will work optimally in the body with the following exercise –weight-training and high-intensity interval training, because it enhances the conversion rate of androstenedione to testosterone.

If all that is not enough of why zinc is great for you lets dive into why zinc is good for the dink! Zinc is very important for overall hormone health. As said above it helps with boosting testosterone, as well as increasing fertility because it plays an important role in natural hormone production. Every time a male ejaculates he loses most of his zinc stores in the body. Those little swimmers need an ideal liquid to help them wiggle their way toward their goal, zinc is that significant component. Most of the zinc for sperm comes from the prostate gland, which adds about 25% of the total liquid contained in ejaculate to the mix. So, zinc is a big component of healthy ejaculation. Even if you are not trying to conceive, it will benefit to make sure you are not deficient in zinc. The more a male ejaculates while maintaining a poor diet the more deficient in zinc he will be. If a male is consistently masturbating and not eating a balanced diet with food containing zinc then the chances are he will be deficient in this awesome mineral and will need to fix the diet or supplement.

In a study done by the Department of Internal Medicine at Wayne University, after 20 weeks of zinc restriction, giving patients zinc supplementation effectively increased serum testosterone in the majority of men. It also increased libido, performance, ejaculation amount, ejaculation time, and overall pleasure. Why wouldn’t you want zinc in your life!?

Fun fact, in one published case study rats, were receiving a moderate daily oral dose of zinc sulphate, and showed an increase in time before ejaculation and penile thrusting! Fun!

The main takeaway from all this is to make sure you are eating a balanced diet! Eating a balanced diet will ensure you are getting the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals in your body. Diet is first and foremost to health and maintaining overall health. Then comes supplementation when you know you are not able to get enough in your diet. Everyone is different so everyone will have different needs in the body. If you are curious or need guidance in regards to your diet check out my free 30min wellness consultation online here, and find out how nutrition can help you be the best you!