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How do I set & keep my goals??

Goal setting can be challenging.. It is even more challenging keeping it!

Here are a few pointers on how to make those goals into reality!!

  1. Prioritize your goals– What is more important or curtail. What needs to be done asap or what do you need most.
  2. Be realistic– What is doable? Is it something that you realistically can complete? ( traveling the world in 2 months…not realistic).
  3. Plan– If you don’t plan according to your goal, it becomes a dream not reality. Put a plan into effect according to what you want to accomplish.
  4. Execute– Put your plan into practice. Once you do all these steps, your goals can become reality.

I myself, like to write down my goals on old fashioned pen and paper . Once I’ve written out all my goals, I do step one…which is Prioritize my goals. This way I am thinking of what is the most important goal to me. Then I must be realistic! Even if something is very important to me, If it’s clean out my freezer, but it’s the sweltering summer.. that would not be a good idea or realistic. It would make more sense to do so in the winter to store your freezer items outside while cleaning.

Formulating a plan from here is easier because you’ve been realistic and prioritized your wants and needs. I again write down my plan and follow it that way it is being put into action.

Happy goal setting all!!