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Heart health

Did you know that cardiovascular (aka heart related problems) are the second greatest cause of death in Canada (and no, the leading one is not Covid-19). The good news is it is one condition you can greatly influence. Here are some options to support a heart healthy lifestyle

Natural Therapies

Acupuncture: Balances the body’s organs and encourages natural healing. Acupuncture can target the nervous system to balance cardiac arrhythmias. It may also reduce angina and balance blood pressure.

Massage Therapy: This has been proven to help with lower blood pressure. It helps promote relaxation as well as improve overall circulation.

Osteopathy: This can also help through relaxing the nervous system and promoting health circulation. It also takes a holistic approach to treating other areas that could be taxing the health of the heart. It is also one of the few disciplines that can treat the heart directly on a structural and emotional level.

Reducing Stress reduces Blood Pressure

Physical Activity: Get active! Physical movement and activity is a natural stress reliever. You produce happy chemicals in your body that give you an overall sense of wellbeing. Also, that heart is a muscle and go exercises that get your heart rate up are good for you. Not to mention when your exercising the circulation to the rest of your body improves. I could go on about the many benefits of exercise but you probably already know its good for you.

Meditation: This can be a wonderful stress reliever. During meditation, you get a chance to quiet the mind. It can instill peace and calmness. With regular practice it has been shown to actually lower your heart rate and reduce heart disease

Connect with Others: It is common to isolate when you become stressed. Yet, social contact can be a stress reliever (when with the right people). As humans we need positive social interactions and thrive when we feel we are supported. Let’s not forget the heart is the seat of emotion. Having positive relationships, caring for someone else, or feeling loved all affect the heart. While love can actually heal the heart, “Broken heart syndrome” is a very real medical condition.

Yoga and Breath Work: Deep breathing and focus, helps to connect the body and mind together. Yoga is a great way to alleviate stress and to control your breathing techniques. The heart and lungs are primarily responsible for making sure every cell in your body receive oxygen, so mastering your breathing is super advantageous.

Keep a Journal: Journaling is a fantastic tool to help unjumble your thoughts and fears. Once there on paper, it can help you to let it go or work on it.

Psychotherapy: This can be beneficial for many reasons. Counselling can reduce stress/anxiety through talk therapy and exploring healthy coping strategies. Getting to the cause of anxiety, depression, or broken relationships can help you to heal on many levels.

Support Cardiovascular health through Vitamins!

Vitamin D: The sunshine vitamin! Helps improve mood, helps hormones and will certainly help with bone health. New research shows it can also support the cardiovascular system

Magnesium Bisglycinate: A vital mineral that does over 300 reactions in our bodies. It supports nervous system and muscle health. It also is going to aid in blood pressure and support healthy glucose levels.

B-Complex: Also known as the stress-supporting vitamins. These key players support energy production, nervous system and brain function. In order to have proper nerve function, B-Complex is very necessary. 

CoQ10: An antioxidant found in the heart, liver, kidney and pancreas. It is important for energy production and heart health. CoQ10 can lower blood pressure, preventing migraines and overall well being. (CoQ10 can lower blood pressure, always check with your doctor and get them to check your blood pressure to make sure it’s right for you)

Eating healthy can support your heart health! If you would like support to create a heart healthy diet or would like to know what supplements would be best for you, a nutritionist can be an excellent resource.

Of course we must mention that heart conditions are very serious. If you experience any chest paints or concerning cardiovascular symptoms (shortness of breathe, elevated or irregular heart rate) it is important to have them checked out by a doctor right away. Natural therapies are great for prevention, and helping you get back on course, but in an acute situation the Hospital is the first place to go.