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Self Care is the Key to Optimal Well Being

Self Care is the Key to Optimal Well Being

Life is very busy and fragmented for most of us these days.

We are pulled in many directions at the same time with lots to do, and it can be overwhelming.

Usually the first thing to ditch is caring for one’s self.

  • skipping exercise and fresh air
  • ignoring the need to relax and destress
  • not getting proper sleep
  • eating on the run and not making the healthiest food choices

The immune system is often compromised by poor self-care.

A strong immune system needs to be nurtured, these tips might help you

  • yoga, walking, dancing or working out are health giving
  • find 5 or 10 minutes each day of “me time” to unwind
  • slow down in the evening before bedtime to encourage good sleep
  • fuel the body with wholesome natural foods is huge
  • wholesome foods include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and clean lean protein
  • drink adequate water during your day; the general formula for water intake is body weight divided by 2, converted to ounces