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How can Acupuncture help manage your health/pain?

Acupuncture based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), focuses on bringing balance to the body. Therefore, optimal health is maintaining equilibrium within.

What does this mean? Our bodies are influenced by external factors such as food, lifestyle habits, exercise and developing good eating habits, one can achieve disease-free longevity and may recover quickly from injuries and illnesses.

Due to the demands of our work and lifestyle, it is inevitable that we have had imbalances in the body or will eventually have them. Stress causes imbalances in the body that affects our emotions which in turn affects our bodies. This may manifest as, but not limited to, bloating, headaches, reduced appetite, loose stools/ diarrhea, flatulence, acid regurgitation, neck pain and shoulder pain.

How acupuncture helps

Acupuncture based on TCM can help determine the imbalance by exploring signs and symptoms, pulse taking and tongue observations. Signs and symptoms are the bodes expression of telling you what is wrong with your body. Pulse has its own characteristics and quality that changes according to the body’s state. The tongue is another diagnostic tool used in TCM which indicates the internal state of the body. With the collection of information, specific acupuncture points are chosen to help bring back balance within. Acupuncture points are unique, some points are used to nourish the body and some points are used to clear the excess. Each acupuncture point has more than one function, therefore, points chosen will not only help treat your chief complaint but also improve additional signs and symptoms presented with prior to treatment such as better sleep quality, increase in appetite and better bowel movements.

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