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Have pain? Try Abdominal Acupuncture with Heechan (Hee-Chan), Registered Acupuncturist!

Often enough I get patients who are very nervous about the needles. Hence, they don’t even give acupuncture a try. I have met with many patients who are nervous about needles and after the first one goes in, they ask me, “That’s it?” Pain medications are good temporarily but they do not focus on the root cause hence the pain is felt again until another dose of painkillers is taken or your body heal itself of the pain. Acupuncture needles that I will use has a thickness of 0.22mm, so they are very thin. Abdominal Acupuncture is really powerful and effective but very gentle! And it can treat pain of all kinds and pain that is anywhere on the body!

The Abdominal acupuncture is so powerful it can treat pain that are years old. The earlier you seek an abdominal acupuncture treatment for pain the less treatments it takes! Abdominal acupuncture is still being used mainstream in parts of China and has been used for many decades. The abdomen is considered the 2nd brain in the body because it has the highest number of neurons outside of the brain and spinal cord, it regulates numerous homeostatic systems through its actions on the nervous and endocrine systems. It also contains approximately 95% of Serotonin which is the happy hormone. This happy hormone plays an important role in many emotional, digestive and immune functions.

In the treatment, the most you would feel during treatment is a prick or you might not feel anything at all. There are different sensations that can be felt after needling and these are normal sensations. Sometimes burning is felt due to remnants of alcohol left on the skin after wiping. Sometimes dull, sore, ache or heavy, sharp, pressure is felt. All of these sensations go away within a matter of seconds. And on rare occasions when the pain intensity is high the needle is adjusted so that rest of your treatment will be relaxing and calming.

My goal is for you to have a comfortable, relaxing, and calming treatment all the while addressing your chief complaint.

Did you know there is a BIG difference between Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac) vs. other ‘practitioners’ without the title R.Ac providing acupuncture service? R.Ac has a minimal of 2 years of studies of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine theories that explains diseases with relation to the organs, emotions, diet, pulse, tongue and much more. Hence Registered Acupuncturist are able to treat more than just pain! Not to mention, more than 1200 hours of clinical experience. Other ‘practitioners’ without Registered Acupuncture (R.Ac) title who is providing acupuncture service has more likely have taken a weekend course to get the certification to provide acupuncture service. They have clinical experiences ranging from 20 hours to 500 hours of clinical experience. This does not mean it’s not effective at all but the approach of treatment is limited.

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