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Gluten …

Have we talked enough about gluten and gluten-free?  Maybe not!

Not all gluten free foods are “health giving”

Just a few thoughts to share. Gluten free is trendy to some; and a necessary lifestyle to others.

Anyone can benefit from a break from gluten.

For certain people, gluten free is not an option. Those with Celiac Disease or serious Gluten Intolerance must live gluten free or their   well-being is severely compromised.

The word “gluten” from latin translates as glue. This is the key point. Gluten holds baked goods together and thickens soups and sauces. When gluten is removed, other methods of ways of “gluing” are required.  This could mean adding more sugar or gluten free white pasty flours that provide no nutritional value.                                                                  

With a little work and knowledge, gluten free baking and cooking can be delicious, nutrient rich and have a perfect texture.  Some of the “gluten free” products on the grocer’s shelves are not good for you. Fiber is often lacking, and sugar and sodium content is high.  If you are interested in healthy, nutrient dense gluten free baking, cooking, and store bought choices; I can help.

Please read labels carefully and make wise choices.   For breads and crackers, I like to see per serving: 3 grams of fiber and 0 grams sugar. 

Read more on how to understand our nutritional labels here: