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Detoxing and Cleansing

March is Liver and Kidney Health Awareness Month!

Your liver and kidneys are vital organs.  They process and filter everything that you put into your body.  If your liver and kidneys are healthy, then you will be too.  Periodically, these organs need some extra support and a bit of a rest.

Let’s look at the facts and history regarding detoxing and cleansing.

Spring is the time to renew, refresh and do some spring cleaning.  In holistic and natural health, spring is thought to be a good time to detoxify or cleanse the body.  The concept is not new.  Historically throughout the ages, there is reference to fasting and cleansing.  Many cultures and religions observe periods of dietary change and elimination.  These days there are juice cleanses, herbal detox programs, cleansing diets, and much more.

The choices are endless and the information is confusing to many people and more information does not make the decision easier!

  • Is detoxing necessary for everyone?
  • Is detoxing safe for everyone?
  • Is a cleansing diet better than fasting?
  • Can detoxing or cleansing be harmful?
  • Are there any contraindications for individuals with health conditions or those taking medications?

Seek the advice of a professional who can assess your individual needs and help you with a plan.  I don’t try to assess and repair my automobile, because I am clueless in that area – I go to a great mechanic who is my auto expert.  A nutritionist is a body systems expert.  Consider booking an appointment so that we can meet and discuss your journey to “Optimal Wellness”.