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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Explained through Traditional Chinese Medicine “TCM”

For those that are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, it can be very costly with no proper treatments available. TCM looks at the body as a whole and believes the entire body system between organs is most likely imbalanced. What does it mean to be unbalanced?

Our bodies rely on food/water, sleep, and rest. There is a TCM saying if all 3 of these are well taken care of, then you may live a long-life disease-free.

With chronic fatigue syndrome, our organs are not functioning as optimally they possibly can. This means the foods that we are eating may not be 100% digested and waste materials may not be excreted as regularly as they should be. This becomes a vicious cycle of wearing down the spleen. If the spleen is weak it can create a number of issues such as weight gain, indigestion problems, constipation, prone to and easily catching colds, bruising easily, Irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids, edema and even prolapse of the organs and further deficiency to other organs. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spleen and stomach is a paired organ. The stomach is responsible for digestion. Spleen receives all the digested food from the stomach and converts all the foods and fluids into energy, blood and body fluid. Hence weak stomach and spleen mean low energy, low blood, and body fluid production and poor recovery. When the spleen is weak, our body forms dampness in the body. This is turbid moisture that obstructs circulation and can cause excess heat to form in the body.

So, how can TCM and acupuncture help me?

With carefully selected acupuncture points, it can trigger the body to improve the functions of the organs reverting the dysfunction in the body. 

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