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Are you doing your stretches?

We can sound like a broken record at times (and believe me, we know it), but taking care of your body is essential to living a healthy and active lifestyle.  Most people place the care and maintenance of their bodies in the hands of healthcare professionals. In some cases this is required, but just doing self care at home can substantially increase quality of living.  One example of self care is stretching.  Many people don’t take the time to stretch when it is an essential part to everyday life.  They might not see the effects as fast as if lifting weights, or might not have the time to stretch but investing time into simple everyday stretching will yield high returns in the future.  Remember, like all body healing techniques, it takes time

Our day to day tasks are demanding on our bodies, despite what type of movements we are doing.  Heavy lifting or pencil pushing, each repetitive task we do affects a different muscle group in its own way.  This overuse causes the muscle to become shortened or tight which can result in trigger points in the muscle and fascial adhesions (fascia is connective tissue which binds together muscles, organs, and other soft structures of the body). Stretching allows you to lengthen muscles and fascia to prevent Fascial Adhesions from occurring.

What are the Benefits of Stretching?

  1. Stretching can help with lengthening any shortened tight muscles & connective tissues.
  2. Will prevent future injuries.
  3. Increase range of motion at a joint.

Things to keep in mind while Stretching…

  1. There shouldn’t be any pain with stretching.
  2. Always being aware of your posture while stretching.
  3. Making sure you’re breathing during your stretches.
  4. No ballistic movements (bouncing into the stretch).

HOLD – stretches should be held for at least 30 seconds to be effective.
For now, keep your head up, and keep smiling!