Live Blood Cell Analysis & Aromatherapy

I started a holistic wellness journey 28 years ago.  When I heard the words, “get your affairs in order”, I began my search.  My grandmother gave me an herbal tea to combat cancer and it worked.  30 years later, I’m still here!  Natural medicine became my passion, I have studied aromatherapy, essential oil uses, mushroom therapies, and of course Live Blood Cell Analysis.  Getting to the root or the inside of what is happening allows for better results.

I became excited about live blood cell analysis when I didn’t know what else to do.  I saw a doctor of Nutrition who changed my health and my life with this analysis.   We made small changes in diet, nutritional supplementation and exercise to improve the body’s functions.

My work in healthcare includes a position at Sault Ste Marie hospital as a Labour and Delivery and Emergency nurse. I have also worked in the Orangeville/Shelburne hospital medical unit.  I left hospital nursing to become an Occupational Health and Safety Nurse for many years until I joined the Ministry of Labour as a Healthcare and Industrial Safety Inspector. Now, my pull towards natural medicine has brought me to Live Blood Cell Analysis, essential oils, and helping others to heal.

I have been there, I have lived through chemo, radiation, autoimmune disease, knee replacements and many more.  I understand what the client feels, needs and the sense of loss they feel while searching for answers.  Together, with other practitioners, a holistic approach treats all aspects of illness, including our mental, physical and social needs. 

I am a wife, mother of 5 and grandmother of 8 beautiful people!  I appreciate every day I have with them.  I love time at the lake, swimming and a good belly laugh! 

I am excited to serve our clients at the Better Health Clinic and watch the health changes so you too can enjoy a healthier life.

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