Mamta Patel, Hom, D.H.M.S Consulting Homeopath

Mamta Patel, Hom, D.H.M.S Consulting Homeopath at Better Health Clinic, Orangeville

Mamta graduated from Homeopathic Medical College Anand, from Gujarat, India in 1981. She worked as a resident doctor at Bhatia General Hospital located at Mumbai till 1983. Mamta has acquired more than 35 years of experience in the field of Homeopathy. She offered her holistic services in multiple non-profit organizations clinics located in Suburbs of Mumbai, India for 20 years.

Mamta immigrated to Canada in 2004 with her family. She joined Ontario Homeopathic Association in 2005 and volunteered in many workshops, and health shows to spread the word of homeopathy. She had conducted three consecutive annual events hosted by India-Canada Association of Waterloo Region. Mamta is a registered member of College of Homeopath (2015) and a registered member of Ontario Homeopathic Association since 2005.

Mamta is a staunch follower of the homeopathic system of medicines. Homeopathy treats on principles of "like cures like" means a substance which is capable of causing is also capable of curing. Homeopathy treats on the principle of individualization and analysis of each person’s specific symptoms, mind, body and emotional needs.

It is an alternative system of medicines which brings harmony in a disharmonized immunity. All homeopathic remedies are made from nature and don't have any side effects when taken with proper direction from a homeopath. Mamta believes that good health brings harmony and happiness. She is very passionate and eager to help everyone in need at Better Health Clinic with the Wonders of Homeopathy.