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Teen Stress – How Psychotherapy Can Help…

Many teens are struggling with stress in their daily lives, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a recent study, teens have identified the following areas as the main cause of their stress: peer relationships (social and romantic), family, academic performance, and poor body image/self-esteem. Stress can lead to other mental health issues such as depression, suicidal ideation, substance use, and anxiety disorders. Stress can negatively affect sleep, eating habits, physical health, and social, emotional, and cognitive functioning.

How can psychotherapy help teen stress?

The use of therapeutic interventions, such as psychotherapy can help to cultivate resiliency and reduce the stress levels in children and youth. It can improve self-esteem and increase self-awareness. It can also help to develop positive coping skills, such as problem-solving, conflict resolution, relaxation techniques, pain, and distress management as well as highlight the importance of creating a supportive social network.

Finding the right psychotherapist is an integral part of providing a holistic approach to improving overall daily functioning and reducing stress in children and youth.

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