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Pilates for Kids!

As children are growing their bodies are constantly changing.   Education about the body, helps to create confidence and is empowering during this dynamic phase.   This is also a time when kids are forming bio mechanical patterns that will be used throughout their lives.  Introducing Pilates to your child will assist in establishing an active lifestyle free from pain, instability and poor habitual posture

Pilates promotes agility, mindfulness, and coordination that translates to sports, schoolwork and everyday skills.   This exercise option is suitable for children that are 8 years and older, under the supervision of a certified Instructor.  Classes at the Better Health Clinic are mat based and utilize props such as the stability ball and BOSU that are fun and easy for children to adapt to and enjoy.   Equipment with spring tension is used when appropriate and modifications are made for the individual participant.

  • Kids Pilates classes are 45 minutes in length and a fun at home plan is customized for your child.   Pilates is typically done in bare feet and any comfortable athletic wear that allows for movement.  Private or semi- private classes are offered if you want to bring a friend or sibling.  Private classes are recommended for participants working to rehabilitate an injury after doctor/primary therapist release.
  • Private Class $35 + HST
  • Semi Private $20 per child + HST