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Pedicure aren’t just for pampering

Now that summer is in full swing, the sandals are out and with that comes a change in footwear, are your feet ready for the change?

We keep our feet bundled and contained in shoes for most of the year, that when we do get to slip into sandals we notice the heavy wear and tear we’ve put them through. If we don’t take the time to properly care for our feet it can be harmful and small problems can lead to bigger medical issues.

Pedicures are a great way to provide basic care for our feet – and the plus side is that pedicures are not just for women they are for anyone and everyone who wants to take care of their feet!!! A pedicure is beneficial not just aesthetically or cosmetically – if performed by a trained professional such as a Podologist you can take a pedicure above and beyond and receive a well-rounded treatment and learn a lot about your health!

A Podologist looks at the skin and the nails and can provide you with a treatment that is above what a regular salon can provide based on the specific training they receive. They can treat your callus, corns, ingrown toenails, fungal toenails and more with their knowledge and help you understand the health of your feet.

In addition there are several benefits to regularly getting a pedicure:

  1. Early detection of problems – A podologist can help you catch the early signs of corns, bunions, and fungal infections. These conditions are very easily treatable, especially when identified in the early stages.
  2. Decrease changes of infection – properly cutting, filing, and cleaning the toenails can prevent them from growing inward and can eliminate infection. Removing dirt and bacteria from your feet can also help prevent nail diseases and disorders such as fungal toenails. Keeping the nails at a healthy length can also prevent trauma to the nail which can also lead to infections.
  3. Helps to preserve the skins moisture – by soaking in warm water and essential oils or salts can help preserve the moisture and integrity of your feet. Moisturized feet are less prone to blisters and cracks. Keeping cuticles moisturized can help prevent against ridges and splits in the nails edge which people often see causing the nail to lift out of the nail beds.
  4. Exfoliates the feet: removal of the dead skin prevents skin from growing hard and thick causing callus or corns which can end up causing a lot of pain and discomfort. Removal of dead skin on the heels especially promotes healthy cell growth and encourages smoother skin.
  5. Increases circulation: After a pedicure a podologist will massage cream into your feet which will increase blood circulation. This can help reduce pain and help warm up your entire body.
  6. Relaxation. The best part of all of having a pedicure is that it can be very relaxing. It can ultimately help reduce stress and can be very therapeutic.

Getting your feet pampered is beneficial to your whole body and should be something we implement into our lives to promote overall good health. We spend a lot of time on our feet and they carry us where we need to go, so we should take time to take care of them! Getting a pedicure at least once a month can help your feet stay in good health.