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Keeping on your feet

Foot health is a part of our overall health we typically ignore. We tend to tip toe around its importance. Many people go through the daily routine of disregarding their foot pain, not realizing that it has a major impact on the rest of their health. Those ‘tolerable’ aches and pains in the feet can have many causes, and you shouldn’t ignore them or regard them as a normal part of life. For example; tingling or numbness could be a sign of diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease. Our feet are what give us our support and mobility, allowing us to keep active; they also have numerous benefits such as helping us keep weight off, or maintaining muscle strength. Regular foot assessments are important as they can alert you to early signs of more serious health issues.

As a Podologist, my job is to assist you in keeping your feet healthy. Did you know that a lot of the conditions we find unsightly about our feet are often easily treated, or that with a simple gait analysis you could determine the cause of other issues you are experiencing? We tend to be embarrassed about our feet, and a large number of the people I see claim their feet are the worst. There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, because I assure you, that thick unsightly toenail – I’ve seen it 10 times, just today, and covering it up with nail polish is a temporary fix with detrimental effects to the health of the nail.

A regular medical pedicure or foot assessment is sometimes all you need to alleviate that stress and pain in the feet and to make you feel better. These assessments and treatments will help to maintain foot health, and to feel better!

There are also steps you could take to keeping your feet healthy;

  • Examine your feet regularly for any changes
  • Wear comfortable supportive shoes that fit
  • Keep toenails trimmed straight across, but not too short
  • Try not to wear nail polish for extended periods of time

Foot health is important for all ages, and paying more attention to our feet can help with prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.