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Feel Better than Normal

human-body-systemsOne of the key qualities I recognize in my patients that come regularly is that they are in tune with themselves. They know their bodies.

When a patient comes to me for the first time they are always surprised at how many things I can help them with. Many of the pains and symptoms that people exhibit they have learned to live with. They are “normal” for them. They don’t realize that most people don’t have that problem. They don’t think there is another way.

When they experience what is to live without those pains or problems they gain a heightened sense of awareness. Their perception of “normal” changes and they want to keep feeling better.

I sometime chuckle to myself because my some of my regular patient know my drill so well I don’t have to ask them where the problem is, or what’s wrong. They often tell me they have done a scan of their body or come to me with a list in hand of the things they want to feel better. Simply having that appointment in the calendar is enough for some people to have them pause to reflect on their own health.

If you think you’re feeling fine I challenge you to have a look through our Health History Form. The second page of my form is broken down into systems of the body. Each of those boxes are samples of things you might feel stuck with, but they are just SOME of things we can help you with.

So as you lunge into 2017, take a moment to remember the last time you felt your best, and what you need to feel even better. Do a head to toe scan. Ask yourself what is limiting you. Or come in for a general assessment and see how we can improve your everyday quality of living.