What is Health? I believe its Holistic and 4 fold

I believe health is simple yet basically 4 fold.

The ultimate goal is to feel love for oneself, which allows for spontaneity and joyful living with a connection to ones higher self-allowing for intuition, creativity, empathy, connection to others and ultimately for health to flourish. To be truly whole and healthy there is nurturing to be done on several levels.

1. The physical.

I became a Naturopathic Doctor first, the science of the physical; the study of physiology, biology, pathology (what is disease), and what makes the physical body flourish on a cellular level is focused on. To support the human body in a natural way, to find the cause of disease and to do no harm is the ultimate goal.

This is achieved through optimal supplementation, proper nutrition, botanicals, herbs, Chinese herbs, as well as structural support through massage, hydrotherapy, and physical manipulation.

2. Cleanse and Detox.

Naturopathic Doctors recognize the need to cleanse and detox, an absolute must for the physical to flourish in this world we live in where we are over burdened with heavy metals, insecticides, toxins, and a less than perfect diet. Often the terrain needs to be cleansed and healed in order for ultimate health to become a reality.

3. Energetic/Mental/Emotional.

Naturopathic Doctors also recognize that the human body is more than physical, that there is an energetic component and that there is a connection between mental/emotional trauma or conflict and disease. Acupuncture, counseling and homeopathy are also studied.

I personally believe that the disconnect that happens through pain, and the energetic blocks that manifest on the physical level are one of the ultimate causes of disease that without addressing these often-subconscious programs, beliefs, and conflicts that occur because of them, the rest that is done to aid health is often a Band-Aid.

I therefore became ultimately interested in homeopathy and went on to get a degree in homeopathy after graduating as a Naturopathic Doctor. Homeopathy is an energetic medicine, that when matched to the whole person on every level, mental/emotional and physical, to a remedy, ….. the conflict, which is really just subconscious programming, disappears … allowing a true re-connection to joy to come forward in ones life and for ultimate health to return.

Of coarse every one is different and so not only are the patterns causing the disease different but also the remedy, the number of remedies, the amount (dose), and potency, (energetic strength) are also always different. It treats the individual as an individual at every level.

I find homeopathy fascinating as it comes from something that exists naturally on earth, a plant, mineral, nosode, or from the animal kingdom, (mammal, bird, reptile, taken from the milk, venom or a feather), …. all of these elements (beings) not only carry an energetic story and signature but when matched to the quality needed to be healed in us, not only heal, but show the intimate connection we have to this planet and everything on it. One feather, or leaf, one drop of milk can produce thousands of pellets, treat thousands of people and animals. It is reproducible, at no expense to the planet, and is a very sustainable and highly effective. Homeopathy is a beautiful medicine.

It was during my studies to become a homeopath that I discovered Schussler tissue or cell salts, which are a combination of homeopathy and a cellular / physically supportive medicine. It was discovered by Schussler that the human body needed 12 essential minerals to be healthy and that when one was missing disease would develop. These salts also have an energetic component and a connection to the mental / emotional, but in a simpler way than homeopath (which connects deeper, is often more spontaneous in healing but very complex, needing much study and covers some 2000 remedies).

Tissue salts consist of only 12 remedies and can be learned and used successfully to treat many diseases. It is therefore an empowering medicine for many as they can successfully treat themselves.

I believe we ultimately need to take responsibility for our own health. To take time to nurture ourselves, to exercise, to discover our reasons for being sick to listen to our pain, to resolve it and to listen to Mother Earth and our own intuition in how to heal ourselves.

And so, I talk passionately about tissue salts because they are simple to use, are effective, inexpensive, and allow for self-empowerment.

I talk passionately about homeopathy because I feel it is a beautiful medicine that deals with the ultimate cause of disease, inner pain, which cuts us off from our ultimate joy and therefore health.

When choosing a remedy, the ultimate goal is to LISTEN to what someone has to express in every way, the song of the individual which carries the truth of what the spirit is trying to express, in joy and in pain, and just to listen for what remedy comes forward to bring the person more into health in body, mind and emotion.

4. A positive attitude free from programmed beliefs and fear.

Finally, I feel the way we look at disease is part of the problem. It is not to be feared … as we are programmed to believe. It serves a purpose and is usually just a way for our body to signal that something is wrong, out of balance, to teach us something … or it may be there to bring the body back into balance and train the immune system. Either way it is not the enemy. It is often our friend and simply one of the ways toward transforming into wholeness.

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