Pain in your butt?

The gluteal muscles of your buttocks are among the largest and strongest in the body. They are responsible for moving your leg at the hip joint. More specifically, they extend your thigh, help with rotation, and help keep your pelvis stabilized and strong. For example, every time you climb the stairs, get out of your car, or get out of bed in the morning, your glutes kick into action. You rely on them every day.

When you do activities such as running, climbing, or squats, your glutes are loaded even more. These muscles can get tight and painful from overuse or strain and massage therapy can provide relief. Under the glutes lie the lateral rotators of the hip.

The most clinically notable of these is the piriformis muscle. It is really important to address when a person is experiencing sciatica type symptoms. The sciatic nerve can be compressed by the piriformis muscle and cause pain in the hip area and down the back of your leg, often making it painful to sit or to get up from sitting. Thankfully, massage therapy is very good at addressing this “piriformis syndrome“.

As you can see, the gluteal region of the body is an important one for day to day life as well as for more athletic pursuits. Keeping it strong is important to your overall health as it plays a big role in keeping you active and mobile. If you are experiencing discomfort or limited movement because of tightness in this area, it is wise to get it treated to prevent any further muscle or nerve involvement

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Time For Change

A Time for Change

With the new year comes new hopes, dreams, opportunities, and ambitions. At the forefront of all of this comes your health. With all the things we would like to do we need our health to do them. And now with the feasting, the visiting, and celebrating coming to a close it’s time to get into a routine. A new routine.

Nearly everyone I meet wishes their health could be better in someway. Most people know that they could improve their lifestyle. Eat more vegetables, drink more water, exercise more and spend less time on the couch. Sometimes we need more than that. We need accountability. We need more specific directions. We need a remedy, a treatment, a plan that is specific to our unique individual needs and barriers.

One of the things I like about hypnosis is that it enables you to make the changes that you want. The reason why we constantly fail at making changes despite all our will power and logic is that many of our habits are formed at our subconscious level. Our thought patterns, our daily habits and even some of our physiological responses (cravings, physical tensions, sleep) are very much dictated by what is happening at the subconscious level of the brain. The reason hypnosis is effective is because it empowers you to make changes at the subconscious level of the brain.

If you’re trying to make healthy changes our nutritionist here is an excellent lifestyle coach. She can help you decide what’s for dinner, what to put in your shopping cart and how to make smart choices when you’re on the go. It’s the bridge between wanting to eat better and knowing how to.

Everyone has the potential for change. To potential improve their situation, to make their quality of life even better. Having the right resources is key. Having the right people in your corner to support you makes all the difference.

As you reflect on how you can make 2016 even better, know that we are here to help you live healthy and feel your best!

“Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change” Jim Rohn

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Stacey Ayres, Osteopath Manual Practitioner, Registered Massage Therapist, is the owner of Better Health Clinic, She is a member of the Canadian College of Massage Therapists of Ontario as well as the Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners. Stacey has a particular interest in pediatrics, chronic pain, post trauma and surgery rehabilitation, and fertility.